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About Us

The Academy of Language Arts(ALA) School is a newly established school with official recognition in 2009 is now operated its programs aimed at assisting Cambodian younger generation in English Language Arts. ALA programs are focused on:

  • English Language and Arts
  • General knowledge from Pre-school up to lower high school
  • Skill learning
  • Computer training
  • Customized courses
ala academy school arts

The Academy of Language Arts currently educates many students from villages surrounding Siem Reap city. The ALA school sets high standards for students. Students are well-behaved, polite, respectful and honest. Cheating and plagiarism are not tolerated. By the way, the ALA School encourages leadership through student government, intellectual growth through an academically rigorous program, and global citizenship through respectful interactions with peers, faculty, and community members.

On the other hand, it also supplies each student with the materials they need to succeed, including uniforms, notebooks, and hygiene kits.

In our school, we have some special offers such as scholarships for smart students, regular study visit, sport activities, dancing classes and especially computer class.