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The Academy of Language Arts(ALA) School is a newly established school with official recognition in 2009 is now operated its programs aimed at assisting Cambodian younger generation in English Language Arts.

smart students, ala school, private schoolBy the needs of human resource in Cambodia, we decided to open a new school to help the young children to complete the society needs. Presumably every generation, since the beginning of human existence, somehow passed on its stock of values, traditions, methods and skills to the next generation. The passing on of culture is also known as enculturation and the learning of social values and behaviour is socialization. The history of the curricula of such education reflects history itself, the history of knowledge, beliefs, skills and cultures of humanity. As the customs and knowledge of ancient civilizations became more complex, many skills were passed down from a person skilled at the job - for example in animal husbandry, farming, fishing, food preparation, and construction.

Providing literacy to most children has been a development of the last 5 years, our school for the young have historically been supplemented with advanced training, especially in students who live in around Siem Reap city, for priests, bureaucrats and businessmen. For most craftsmen skills were learned during an apprenticeship—as for example most lawyers and physicians before the mid-19th century.