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ala's students, private school, Siem Reap school, school in Siem ReapOur mission to give young Cambodians excellent training and stringent qualifications necessary to contribute towards sustainable tourism in Cambodia. Already the Cambodian staff successfully assumes key managerial and instructional positions within the school.

In term of English Speaking, Special English Conversation course is in cooperated into the English Proficiency Program to meet the dadly need of Cambodian young generation learners who met the following conditions with English Native Teachers and all the teachers are well prepared before teaching to each student. Especially, teachers were trained by English native teacher who comes from other country who has success in their teachings' styles. We try to persuade and perform the best to guarantee the quality of your children as ours and we try to help you to give up all these problems:

  1. Do you feel nervous, foolish, and embarrassed when Speaking English?
  2. Are you angry that you studied English many years but still cannot speak English?
  3. Have you wasted your time in studying English?
  4. Have you wasted all your vocabularies after you studied English for many years but still cannot speak English?

New and quick conversation rules, paternal and structural model including ways to say it and pair up and practice are included in the special ENGLISH conversation class which will help English learners to speak English within one year.