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Students in ALAThe Academy Language Arts school takes care of your children as ours. We accept the student from 3 years old up for the kindergarten, but for the other classes , all the students can study at any age. All the students are well take care from the teachers and nanny in our school and we always encourage them to study hard, self-study, and help parents to do housework with the special talent and interest.

New student who just comes to study has to do the test before their study in our school and the test is suitable for their experience related to what they have learnt before. The test is available when they first go to study in our school.

Why do we make the test for new student?
In order to achieve some goals and quality of each student such as:

  • Grammar skill
  • Writing skill
  • Listening skill
  • Vocabulary
  • The pronunciation

By the way, for the old students before they can continue to study the next level, they also have to do the final test in the classroom in order to enhance the quality of studying.

We also provide some services to all the students, especially, for the smart students in our school such as scholarship, reward, field trip, computer class, dancing class and sport activities.